Pussy MoonDay
Alia Shanti Gumbo

We're creating a shift in human sexuality paradigms for holistic living

Alia Shanti Gumbo

We're creating a shift in human sexuality paradigms for holistic living

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Who we be...

Peace & Love! I am so grateful you are here to help me grow our community of unique, sovereign, curious, and adventurous souls ready to shed the stigmas, dogmas, and all other applicable bullshit that does not curve around the sacred sexual nature within us all.

Pussy Moonday Community members gather here to share, learn, grow, and shake loose whatever binds you; so that you can move with fluidity in your thoughts, words, actions--intending only for the most holistic and sustainable good for our collective spirit.  


Why You Should Join Us

Community members are blessed regularly with insightful interviews, practices and exercises to cultivate more intimacy with spirit, opportunities for local gatherings, first to be informed about international experiential workshops, showers of musical gifts and access to information that will not be shared on any other platform but mighty networks.

Gratitude is an Attitude

Before one soul joins this group we are already thankful for the overflow of abundance this community galvanizes. An abundance of love and admiration for the journey of another. An abundance of awareness for the present moment, gratitude, and deep reverence for what is. An abundance of insight to assist with spiritual discernment. An abundance of peace in the now with knowledge that the only constant that we will ever know on earth is ever-flowing change like the river Oshun in west Africa. May we all know, give, and receive love with equal proportion likened to the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. 

What time is it?

#NastyTimeV1 is for those of you who are ready to embrace how writing is alchemy. Within its pages, I share how trauma is transmuted and transcended. How what did happen, does not trump what is or in fact can happen. If you feel a push to explore, then commence. Allow yourself to open up to new perspectives and reflect. Within its pages are exercises and opportunities to journal your thoughts. Invest in your copy and be a catalyst for growing new seeds in the garden of Eden. 



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